The Firm Foundation Learning Center

The Firm Foundation Learning Center’s goal is to educate all ages and equip them with tools to learn, rather than just to pass the next test.

Woman tutoring student
Project Overview

Tutoring built on pillars of learning

Jessica has been a teacher/tutor for many years and has a heart for that one-on-one tutor experience that empowers students to push through that next phase in their education, with systems in place to not only teach to their deficiency, but equip the student with the ability to problem solve and learn how to tackle the current and future hurdles in their education.


New Brand


Logo Design, Logo Family



The Challenge

Be a place of learning, not an after-school tutor.

The whole goal isn’t to be another after-school tutor, but to become a beacon in the community for overcoming and learning in our deficiency. Jessica really wanted her brand to match that intention and not go with the traditional primary colorful logo styles, and that’s what we delivered.

empowering students

empowering students

empowering students

empowering students

empowering students

empowering students

The Approach

Take it a step beyond the norm.

With a long name and more serious approach to tutoring, we took more of an academic badge style to the logo. Inside the logo, you’ll find a book for learning, a pillar pointing to their pillared approach to learning, and an owl pointing to higher learning. After a few rounds of revisions, we came out with a clean, badge-style logo, and a logo family to fit in all aspects of her business.

"As a new business, there were so many items to cross off the to-do list, and there were many I felt confident with, but creating a logo that accurately represented my brand was not one of them. I reached out to Jason with a whole head of ideas and a vision board with little to no cohesion. With careful attention to our conversations, thoughtful questioning, along with a welcoming and calm demeanor, Jason made the design process so fun and easy! He took many ideas and blended them into one, while simultaneously being a wealth of knowledge when it came to starting a business, designing for the long term, and creating a big picture. His use of Notion as a platform made the process a breeze to give feedback on too. He seemed to believe in my business before I did!! I would absolutely recommend reaching out to Jason for any of your design needs."

Jessica Bell

Owner, The Firm Foundation Learning Center

The Result

A logo built for longevity.

We built this logo to last. The simplicity of the icon combined with the meaningful elements can serve The Firm Foundation Learning Center for years to come.


Logo Family

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