Franklin County Educational Foundation

A group of informed and hardworking volunteers raising money to help build and balance the educational opportunities for all students.

kids working with coding computer
Project Overview

Education shouldn’t have limits.

The focus of FCED Foundation is to enhance the educational experience of our students by providing resources and opportunities beyond that of the Public School Funding of the school system.




Web Design, Web Development,
Art Direction, Interaction Design



The Challenge

Educate and engage the community to invest in their students.

FCED has taken a serious step towards making new and innovative learning tools available to students and the teachers starting with a STREAM van to drive to any school full of innovative and creative tools such as Ozobots, Spheros, Snap Circuit sets, coding kits, Straw Rocket Launchers, drones, balloon car kits, DIY microscopes, and more. Investing in education and equipping the teachers are their primary goals.

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders

The Approach

Create a digital experience on par with the innovation and creativity they are providing.

Our goal was to make this site something you can’t ignore. With bold colors and interactive components sprinkled throughout the website, we wanted to show how fun education can be. This site is a digital representation of the energy and excitement that we felt every time we talked with FCED about their mission.

Working with Jason is an absolute pleasure.  You have confidence at the very first meeting that he is knowledgeable, fair, and capable of handling your project.  He genuinely cares about you as a customer and leaves you feeling more like a  friend.
If you have no experience in web development and technology intimidates you, Jason explains and guides you through each phase and gives you suggestions for organizing content to get the most impact. And did I mention his patience - I tested it a lot! Thank you, Jason!

Tiffany Vaughn

Secretary and Treasurer​, FCED Foundation

The Result

A digital tool to engage, educate, and lead the community to invest in their tomorrow.

This site is set up with the ability to see upcoming events, using custom CMS elements to showcase each step of the event from sign up to wrap up. Forms are made for teachers signing up for grants and for investors to learn more about FCED. Each is designed to help FCED connect to their donors and provide tools to those who need it.


Website Design, Website Development,
Content Management System (CMS)



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